Natural Resources and Sanitation Management

This program is aimed at promoting effective natural resource management which will ensure that the substratum upon which agriculture thrives for food security and the conducive ambience that is necessary for healthy living is not compromised, for the present generation to bequeath a better conserved organic legacy, if not a better one, to posterity.

General Objective:

Improved attitude and increased activity towards management and restoration of natural resources and environmental cleanliness.

Specific Objectives:

  • Households in FYSSO Ghana assisted communities will be using rain water catchment facilities to harvest water;
  • Access to underground water facilities in FYSSO Ghana assisted communities will increase by 5%;
  • FYSSO Ghana assisted communities will have functional institutions in place supervising good sanitation practices;
  • FYSSO Ghana assisted communities will be practicing acceptable sanitation and community environmental safety measures;
  • FYSSO Ghana assisted communities will be supplied with bushfires control mechanism and practices;
  • FYSSO Ghana assisted communities will have planted and nurtured tree seedlings.



  • Rain Water Harvesting

The organization therefore embark on sensitization to encourage a greater proportion of households to embrace efficient rainwater harvesting, which also include the construction of underground tanks or installation of poly-tanks for water storage.  We also trained in the management of this water source to minimize contamination and ensure efficient use.

  • Provision of Potable Underground Water

Where rainfall is not sufficient, communities will be supported to dig wells which will be lined with concrete and fitted with hand-pumps.  In addition to this, boreholes will be drilled in communities where the water table is low.  These will be done through a FYSSO Ghana – community shared financing scheme of which communities will mobilize about 5% of the construction cost in addition to the provision of their labour.

  • Campaign for Improved Sanitation

Communities sensitization on the need to have their own improved household toilets to ensure safe disposal of excreta.  In areas where water is available and where people can afford, individuals are encouraged to construct water closets while the second option is Kumasi Ventilated Improved Pits (KVIP). Community meetings and radio programs and competitive award is the tool used to educate the people on improved sanitation practices to help keep the environment clean.

  • Formation of Water and Sanitation Management Committees

FYSSO Ghana intends to form water and sanitation groups and also strengthen in communities where water and sanitation (WATSAN) management committees exist to ensure effective community cleanliness and continuous access to potable water.

  • Campaign against Improper Use of Agro-Chemicals

Environmental poisoning through the improper use of agro-chemicals in fishing, hunting and crop farming has been going on in some communities.  Some individuals have also been using agro-chemical containers for drinking water and other farming and domestic purposes which are deleterious to both humans and livestock.  Campaign against such practices and the recommended use of agro-chemicals through radio and community meetings pursued to minimize the problem.

  • Anti-Bushfire Campaigns

Bushfires during the dry season has become a menace in the target communities over the years.  About three months before the onset of the dry season, community sensitization is carried out on the effects, prevention and control of bushfires to change people’s attitude towards the practice.  Communities are encouraged to enact bye-laws where they do not exist, to punish the perpetrators of this environmental crime.

  • School Natural Resource Management Activities

School component for all the community natural resources management to inculcate into children the importance of environmental conservation for them to be good ambassadors of the concept when they grow up.  FYSSO Ghana keep on encouraging pupils to form Environmental clubs and also organizing inter school debates and quizzes among other programs to deepen pupils and students understanding of environmental issues and take action to improve upon the environment.

  • Advocacy for Better Natural Resources Management Practices

FYSSO Ghana join the Coalition of NGOs in Water and Sanitation, a network of NGOs in the WATSAN sector in Ghana to advocate and lobby duty-bearers, especially the central government, to ensure that communities get their due from the services of the sector.  In joining the network, the organization will also gain much in terms of information exchange and learning from the best practices of others.

Environmental protection has become necessary as FYSSO Ghana is changing the trend by taking and implementing the following non-degradable environmental protection initiatives such as:

  • Promotion of agroforestry and wood lot establishment.
  • Introduction of alternative livelihood project to prevent destruction of the environment.
  • Conservation of mangrove.
  • Registration and promotion of REDD project in Volta Region.

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