Micro Finance and Micro Enterprises Development

Since accessing external finance to capitalize rural businesses over the years has been a problem, local financial resources is to be mobilized through better effective and cheaper methodologies. To increase profitability of existing rural microenterprises, entrepreneurs will be trained in cost minimization and revenue maximization concepts to help increase disposable incomes to further boost rural investments.  A greater component of these interventions will target women to help bridge the gender inequality gap in overall rural development indicators.

General Objective:

FYSSO Ghana assisted communities will have the necessary capital and entrepreneurial skills to grow rural businesses to help increase household disposable income.

Specific Objectives:

  • Women in FYSSO Ghana assisted communities will have access to institutional financial services;
  • Economically active women who have access to microfinance services will display basic skills in profitable microenterprise management;
  • Women will have their micro enterprise turnover increased by at least 20% over the last 12 months.



  • Village Savings and Loans Associations (VSLAs)

People in targeted communities, especially women, are organized into VSLAs who will mobilize savings through weekly share purchasing and on-lending to members of the associations.  This also has in its accompaniment a social capital aspect which promotes intra-and inter-association enterprise development best practices sharing and learning.

  • Credit and Savings with Education

This methodology involves the lending of money to the productive poor, especially women, through a solidarity guarantee scheme, the offering of savings services coupled with education services in preventive health, nutrition and other topical interests.  Women groups who will be involved in this will also share information on entrepreneurial skill development, agriculture, health, environment and other areas of interest.  This activity will be done through weekly extension village banking with commercial interest charged.

  • Entrepreneurial Skill Training

Women who engage in the microfinance programs are also trained in business optimization principles.  This include training in simple records keeping (under both literate and illiterate conditions), customer care techniques and packaging of products to meet customer taste and simple market surveys by observation techniques and timely supply of goods and services in required quantities.


  • Over 2000 youth and adult groups were facilitated and established for the past nine (9)   years.
  • This project benefited over ninety-five thousand (95,000) households and operates in 12 districts in the Volta Region, Greater Accra Region, and of Eastern Region of Ghana.
  • The groups have assets of over Ten Million Ghana Cedis (GH¢ 10,000,000) and making   an average profit of over Forty percent (40%).
  • Some of the activities undertaken are community sensitization and mobilization, group formation, group training, alternative business development, among others in the various districts.
  • The project has also created an opportunity for the youth to save towards their future development in which a good number of the youth are currently saving.

The organization has being providing skill development project with groups to identify business opportunities and facilitate improvement in livelihood and financial education over hundred groups were linked to the banks for credit facilities and other services.

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