Good management of resources and their equitable distribution towards an egalitarian society is the yardstick of good governance and this also has to come by an acceptable equitable level of participation in decision-making by all members of the society.  This has to be supported by an affirmative action in favour of females as over the years they have lagged behind in most of the indicators of development.

General Objective:

Transparent and participatory governance leading to equitable distribution of productive resources with minimized gender inequality below 30%.

Specific Objectives:

  • District assembly and unit committee representation of all FYSSO Ghana communities will be made up of women;
  • All parliamentarians in FYSSO Ghana assisted constituencies will be women;
  • Schools in target communities will have functioning children’s government;
  • Target communities will have community accountability sessions in place.



  • Parliamentary and Community Accountability Sessions

Sensitization of communities to draw community accountability plans which comprises quarterly and accountability sessions where their assembly persons and members of parliament will brief them on discussions and decisions taken at the district assemblies and parliament respectively.  The discussions include accountability on on-going projects in terms of money spent, quality and timeliness of their execution. Others are organization of debate session for parliamentary, district assembly and unit committee elections, a community platform which highlight and share their vision for the development of the community with the people.  Candidates will be made to set timelines to their promises and these are recorded in the community accountability registers for the candidates to abide by them when they take office.

  • School Government Activities

Training of school children to form children’s governments in their schools which will mimic central government structures to prepare and sensitize them towards future national civic responsibilities.  They will hold elections to appoint a president who will replace the position of senior prefect who will in turn nominate his/her ministers of state to be vetted and approved by the general pupils/students body.

  • Advocacy for Good Governance and Equitable Gender Representation

Some of the principal tenets of good governance are accountability, participation and fair representation.  FYSSO Ghana has join the Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition and also affiliated to the Ghana Integrity Initiative to become watch-dogs to ensure that duty-bearers are held accountable for management of communal resources and live up to their responsibilities.  Support affirmative action to ensure that women also contest equally with their male counterparts during local and parliamentary elections to support the quest of equitable female representation in various legislative bodies

  • Implementation Geographic Areas

Programs are instituted to demarcate the operational areas for effective program and human resource administration viz.


  • Promotion of women participation democracy especially at the grassroot level
  • Training of women on how to take up leadership position in society for their voices to be heard
  • Women and children were given training on their rights and responsibilities



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