General Community Health, Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS

With high sexual practice among the economically active population, with its attendant low condom use and incidence of abortions in the target communities and issues of reproductive health and HIV/AIDS have become a matter of concern to the government and public health specialists.  This problem if not checked could lead to over-population while at the same time could also result in infertility among some people.  In addition, malaria has also taken a health toll on the population with children under 5 years being mostly at risk.  A population infected with HIV/AIDS and malaria affect labour productivity and consequently economic downturn in the long run.  Programs in this area will help contribute to achieving the SDGs of Improve Maternal Health and Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Other Diseases.


Improved attitudinal behaviour and positive use of HIV and malaria infection information with resulting reduction in the incidence of malaria and HIV among the target population.


Specific Objectives:

• Adolescent children and adults in target communities will have comprehensive knowledge about the prevention and transmission of HIV;

• Sexually active people in target communities will be using condoms to prevent HIV infection and unwanted pregnancies;

• PLWHAs living in target communities who hitherto did not have any jobs to do will be gainfully employed after FYSSO Ghana’s intervention;

• Target communities who are aware of the HIV status of PLWHAs will live normally with them without much social exclusion;

• All household members in target communities will have good knowledge about spread of malaria and be sleeping in insecticide treated mosquito nets.

• All community members will register with the NHIS to make use of accredited health facilities.



  • Community Anti-HIV/AIDS and Anti-Malaria Campaigns

This is design to promote a message on the comprehensive knowledge on the prevention of HIV and malaria transmission.  It also focused to seek advise on early treatment in the case of malaria and report any chronic diseases to doctors for earlier diagnoses and treatment.  People are also being advised to undertake HIV voluntary testing to know their HIV status, and undergo counseling if the need be, in order to fashion their lifestyles appropriately to prolong their lives.  Communities are supplied with subsidized insecticide treated mosquito nets, trained on how to use it and also motivating its usage.

Establishment of Adolescent Friendly Reproductive Health Centres

In order for them to have easier access to information on reproductive health, FYSSO Ghana is engage in adolescent friendly reproductive health and development programmes which will mop-up immoral behavious in the society by adolescent. This program is facilitated with indoor and outdoor game amenities for the adolescents to engage their pastime to minimize their mind engagement on sexual desires and a reproductive health personnel who will give personal information and advice on reproductive health to the adolescents, organize talks on the subject matter and sell reproductive health materials like condoms and feminine towels to the adolescents.


  • Formation of School Reproductive Health Clubs

Formation of Adolescent Reproductive Health Clubs discussing issues pertaining to adolescent reproductive health, and also holding debates and quizzes inviting resource persons to give talk to schools and communities from time to time explaining matters bothering the students and peoples on the subject matter.  The whole idea is underpinned by the peer education aspect that the students will engage in and also send the message home to educate the community about upholding good reproductive health practices.


  • Advocacy for General Health and People Living with HIV/AIDS

FYSSO Ghana join the Ghana NGO Coalition in Health, an advocacy and lobbying network, to ensure that government lives up to expectation in delivering better health services to the people. The welfare and rights of PLWHAs will be high on the agenda to ensure their stable condition to lead normal lives.  Prominent among these is making of anti-retroviral drugs free for PLWHAs, and any other benefits that are due to them.  Government’s commitment in integrating PLWHAs will be monitored by ensuring that no PLWHA loses his/her job because of his/her infection with HIV.  The coalition’s assistance is to sought to defend the cause of any PLWHA who loses or his/her rights or gets threatened because of the infection with the disease.  The network also advocate for free registration of the NHIS for the destitute to ensure good health for all.



  • Facilitating HIV and AIDs education and prevention for the past 15 years.
  • Promotion of safe motherhood and prevention of child and maternal mortality.
  • Water and sanitation for rural communities and facilitation of WASH project.
  • Providing automated male condom vendor in our premises.
  • Education on nutrition.


Supported by: Ghana AIDS Commission

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