The following core operating values influence the culture and public image FYSSO GHANA as an effective community- based organization serving a wide variety of individuals, families and communities; to promote child and women led development through the use of locally available resources without any religious, social and economic consideration.



FYSSO GHANA understands that deprived and marginalized people are part of society and when given the necessary platform they can perform and sometimes even perform better.



FYSSO GHANA beliefs in acknowledging and assuming responsibility for our finances, actions, decisions ,policies  and guidelines including administration and implementation within the scope of our work.

We believe that accountability cannot exist without proper accounting practices.



FYSSO GHANA believes in operating in such a way that it is easy for others (clients, partners, donors, stakeholders etc.) to see what actions are performed in the organization. All drafts documents, all arguments for and against a proposal, all final decisions, and the decision making process of the organization are made public and remain publicly achieved where necessary.



FYSSO GHANA over the years has work with a variety of partners who share the same vision of the organization in order to put resources together to achieve a common purpose, that’s impacting of lives of women, children and youth.



FYSSO GHANA believes in increasing the spiritual, social, political, economic, and educational and gender strengths of individuals and communities by helping deprived individuals to make choices and to facilitate the realization of these choices. Again we believe every individual has certain amount of capabilities and   when exposed to them can make a change in his/her life.



FYSSO GHANA in its implementation of projects, allows for full participation of all stakeholders that matters with regards to the particular intervention.


Mutual Respect

FYSSO GHANA respects the views of all partners, donors, staff and clients.



FYSSO Ghana believes in and takes actions towards clients becoming owners of any activity, intervention or project that we will undertake as a result they are made part of the process from inception to completion to increase sustainability.



FYSSO GHANA knows that interventions are always implemented with limited amount of resources up to a particular time; therefore sustainability is one of the main objectives for every project we implement. To achieve this, FYSSO Ghana encourage community participation in design and implementation of the said project. The use community volunteers facilitate the sustainability process.

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