Board of Directors

Julius Kwadzo Ameku

Executive Director/Secretary

MA (Governance and sustainable development), BSc Agriculture Technology


Moses Kakaw

District Director of Social Welfare/Chairman

MA Social works


Emmanuel Esso

Compliance Officer-ADRA-RTD/ Vice Chairman

Chartered ACCA


Justine Alorbu District

Director Health/ Member

BSc. Public Health


Faustina Kuebutornye

Assistance Director Girl Child Education/Member

BEd Vocational Education



The Executive Board exercises the following functions:

  • Elects its Chairman and Secretary among others.
  • Formulate policies that will advance the aims and objectives of the organization, subject to adoption and approval after due consideration at Annual Board meetings.
  • Have the power to confirm, amend, and revoke any decision of any officer of the Organisation.
  • Have power to take disciplinary measures including expulsion, suspension and re-admission upon the recommendation of an investigative committee.
  • Supervise all business of the organization as well as the entire management.
  • Enforces the constitution and ethics of the organization
  • Have the power to alter or amend the constitution by a simple majority vote.
  • Have the authority to approve programmes, budgets, annual activities and financial reports.



The make –up of the management systems is well structured .There is a hierarchy in place which deals with internal administrative procedures. There is an Executive Director to whom Departmental Heads report to after they have also received their reports from project staff.  Reporting, Communication, Span of control and Chain of command is structured to strengthen the organization administratively.






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